Are You In A Relationship Or Just Dating
When you're seeing someone new, when do you stop "dating" and become a "relationship"?  Statistics say the average time is about six weeks in.
The survey, was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of EdenFantasys, also revealed that in most relationships, physical affection comes first
Dating Etiquette For The 2000's?
If you're single, you date right? I mean, maybe once a week, before major holidays, on Valentine's Day so you don't feel left out. Or maybe you don't date but you just go out with a friend, with no strings attached. Whatever you call it, are there rules you follow?
Ladies, How Crazy Is This Woman? Yikes!
Yikes. Even the craziest lady on earth has not sent that many texts in her life or claimed any of this.
Well...this might actually be the craziest lady on earth. Next time you think "should I send this text or will I sound nuts?" It won't be as nuts as this...
Singles Bash: Dating Game Love
Friday's Singles Bash featured 'The Dating Game' hosted by yours truly and my goal was to find true love for some of the singles...and I did!!
Anastasia was brave enough to be our first bachelorette, and after some intense questioning she decided to choose bachelor #2 Ross &q…
Old School: Date Like it's 1865
It's a story as old as time.  Man wants to meet woman, so he takes an ad out in the paper.  Taking out an ad in the paper might seem a little old school, but in 1865 it was new school.
A researcher for the University of Oxford, Max Roser, found and shared a dating ad published in…

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