‘Carlton’ Is Suing the Creators of Fortnite and NBA 2K
The 'Fresh Prince' star is suring the creators of popular video games Fortnite and NBA 2K for stealing a dance that actor Alfonso Ribeiro made famous. Riberio used his dance he first performed on a 1991 "Fresh Prince" episode that he claims both video games have used without his permission and now he asked a judge to stop both games from using 'his dance' Alfonso says he is in the middle
Laura's Ghostly Boyfriend [VIDEO]
Here's another CRAZY thing from this morning's haunted broadcast at Rolling Hills Asylum.  It was actually quite lovely! (I apologize for it being pixelated...this video was originally done on Facebook Live, and the signal was very weak...
New (Stupid) Video Trend [VIDEOS]
This is SO stupid. SO much so, that I just watched about 30 of the videos and wanted more.  That's how these things work. And I guarantee, if you or someone you know has access to a mannequin head (why WOULDN'T you??), you're going to film yourself doing it and have just as much fun...
TD Dancer Wins Maroon 5 Tix [VIDEO]
Cam Newton has his dab, what d'you got? :) We wanted to see your best touchdown celebration dance.  We asked you to submit videos to win a pair of tickets to the Maroon 5 show at the First Niagara Center in September. Congrats to "King Koopa" (LOL...
Win Maroon 5 Tix! [VIDEO]
You could...go....all...the....WAY (to Maroon 5 at the First Niagara Center on September 26th!)!!! Send us a video of your best Touchdown Dance this weekend....Tweet us at @mix96buffalo using hashtag #MorningRushTDDance and you could be off to see Adam Levine and the boys right after school starts...
60 Year-Old Funk!
I hope that when I'm 60 years-old I can still move like Canadian high school teacher Shirley Clements. Watch her perform with her students at a Hip-Hop competition to the smash ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.
Dad Gets Groovy
So this is what happens when dad is home from work and the camera is rolling while the Mix 96 Classics Lunch Hour is jammin! Let this be a lesson kids, we're never too old to turn up a classic hit and move to the groove.
The Slinky Man Dance
I cracked up when I first saw this slinky man dance and as it played on and on...I got a little freaked out. This video is both entertaining and creepy at the same time. Turn the volume down and see if the song ‘a slinky, a slinky’ doesn't keep running through your head.
Amazing Dance!
He must be a professional, or he could be on tour with any superstar today. He calls himself 'Just Some Motion' and he makes the Napoleon Dynamite dance at the movies end look amateurish.

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