NYS Police Will Be Cracking Down On This While You Drive
It's still the leading cause of accidents and deaths for young people driving cars and they're cracking down again.
Per our friends at WIVB, New York State troopers will be looking for distracted drivers this month. They remind us that they are always looking, but this month are focusing on…
Buffalo To Penalize Dog Owners Who Leave Dogs Outside
Big dog lovers are going to love this! If you tether your dog, there may be a new law that you're going to need to know....unless you want to go to jail and $1000 fine.
The Buffalo Common Council and the Erie County SPCA are reviewing legislation on Tuesday that says you will be punished by law …
Buffalo Nurse Assaults Patient
A nurse at Buffalo General was charged with second-degree assault for knocking out a patient after he hit him in the face when he refused to take his medicine,
The nurse, Ryan Kinnally claims that the patient first swung at him. Thought, someone who saw the incident says that the patient was jus…
Weed Killer Found in Cheerio + Quaker Products
They found Roundup Weed Killer in some products, although hard to believe at first, they say that you're going to be okay.
Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup and it was detected in all of these products tested below...
BREAKING: Bomb Found At The Home Of Bill + Hilary Clinton
There was a bomb found at the Clinton's home this morning.
More details will be here as the story develops.
9:31 AM--There was a suspicious package at the Clinton's home in Chappaqua.
Officials believe that the packaged bomb is one similar to the one found at the home of George Soro…
VIDEO: Police Officer Punches 14-Year-Old Girl
This video has caused massive outrage in a Florida community last week.
A police officer punched a 14-year-old girl in the side as he struggled to arrest her. There were two officers who already had the girt on the ground, both a female and a male officer...

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