Halloween at Mix 96
We had a blast today with our coworkers...but my day started with a TRUE SCARE. Eric knows I have a really hard time with Halloween, with the darkness, the costumed adults (UGH!!!), the anxiety of potential terror around every corner.  So he got me GOOD today...
6 Costumes Guys Shouldn't Wear
Halloween is quickly approaching and this weekend a majority off us will will be out for Halloween parties or going to bars! You'll be sure to see a lot of interesting costumes either way. Some original and some not so original. Mad...
2016 Controversial Costume #1: Kim Kardashian
Too soon? Well, the people have spoken and it has been pulled. Kim Kardashian might have to make her own costume since "Paris robbery victim" has been pulled. 💎💍😮🔫👮 Lol — Savannah (@Sdonna361W) October 18, 2016 It was called the “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Kit” obviously, based on the robbery of Kim Kardashian just weeks ago. The company,
2016 Controversial Costume #2: Too Far?
Too far on this one from Walmart? Some major players were selling this 'Tranny Granny costume' for 2016 and people have thrown a major fit about it. As a part of our Halloween assortment, we offered a costume that was called 'Women's Granny Costume' in our women’s online costume assortment. It recent...

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