Big Day for Coffee (and Contest) Lovers in Buffalo!
A sight we're all familiar with in Buffalo is about to make it's annual comeback today -- the city's streets littered with empty Tim Horton's cups with the rims rolled up.
The littering isn't for good reason, but the participation in the Roll Up The Rim certainly is...
Officer, I Swear It's Just Coffee!!!
Ke$ha's song "Tik Tok" has the line "...before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack...."  As a whiskey fan, that line tickles me.
As a fan of teeth, it's probably not a good idea.
I also don't condone having whiskey for breakfast...
A Keurig -- For Beer??? Yes, Please!
This is one of those articles I saw the headline for, and was immediately willing to search "where to buy".
If you're like me, you use your Keurig every day for your daily coffee, tea, or hot chocolate fix.  It's useful for dissolving bouillon in a snap and making Cup…
Spot Coffee Opening in Kenmore
The village of Kenmore has been waiting for the opening of a popular coffee shop, and that time has arrived!
According to WGRZ the Spot Coffee in Kenmore had a soft opening this past Monday and will have a few more before its grand opening this upcoming Friday...
Timmy's Got A Brand New Lid
A few weeks ago on #NationalCoffeeDay, I made fun of Tony because he didn't know how to tuck the tab on his Tim Horton's double-double lid.
Now who's laughing?
On my drive in this morning, I made my usual stop at Tim Horton's for a coffee and found my DDX2 looking different...
New Starbucks Holiday Red Cups Leak and are Awesome!
Just a few days ago Starbucks released what people thought were the new 2016 holiday cups.... EVERYONE LOST THEIR MIND!
Friends, baristas, and customers drawn in one continuous line—reminding us we're all connected. 💚
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How To Get Free Coffee All Week!
Free + Coffee:  Two great tastes that go great together!
Starting Monday (10/12/15), 7-Eleven will give you ANY SIZE of hot coffee for FREE for one week!  You just have to have the 7-Eleven Rewards app on your phone, and have em scan it (like a coupon)...
WNY Deals For National Coffee Day
To me, that's basically like saying today is "National Oxygen Day"....but yeah, today's a big deal to some! :)
Some places have some great coffee offers for you for National Coffee Day...
Sorry, but Starbucks is NOT one of them, so you'll still have to take out that se…
Price Increases At Tim Hortons
If you love a good cup of coffee to start your day, you might have to start paying a little more at Tim Hortons.
According to CBC News, executives from the coffee chain say that a price increase could be on the horizon for 2015, and the increased cost of coffee beans is to blame...

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