I Gave Up Coffee For 3 Months: Here’s What Happened
Coffee and I are on a break. Will we get back together? Probably not, and here’s why.
Over three months ago I woke up and decided my normal routine of brewing a cup of joe first thing in the morning was a thing of the past, replacing this ritual with early exercise. I ha...
Tim Hortons to Test Reusable Cups and Containers
Tim Hortons is getting ready to start testing reusable and returnable cup and food packaging. Back in the beginning of the year, Tim Hortons announced they were planning to give away two million reusable cups to continue helping the environment as part of their 10 year commitment.
Caffeine Is Actually Good For You
We heard varying theories over the years about the effects of coffee and caffeine. The latest says that coffee is bad for your heart BUT ONLY if you drink 5 cups a day or more.

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