Caffeine Is Actually Good For You
We heard varying theories over the years about the effects of coffee and caffeine. The latest says that coffee is bad for your heart BUT ONLY if you drink 5 cups a day or more.
Finally, Tim Horton’s Will Give Freebies To Frequent Goers
I've always wondered why they've never done anything like this. I'm assuming because maybe we just all go there SO MUCH they know we are coming back regardless.
Tim Hortons is launching a rewards program where on the 7th visit you can get either a free hot brewed coffee, hot …
Get Your FREE Starbucks 2018 Red Cup Today
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Starbucks has released their 2018 holiday cup designs and featured holiday drinks. Criticized in the past years for not having cup designs Christmasy enough, check out this years designs, and a special giveaway happening... TODAY!!
Tony Tries Being a Barista [VIDEO]
It's Tony Tries Tuesday, and for this episode I was charged with making latte's at Undergrounds Coffeehouse & Roastery.  I have never had a latte before, but that won't stop me from making a masterpiece!
It was actually pretty easy to do, and Bridget's trai…
Prices at Tim Hortons Have Increased
If grabbing a coffee at your local Tim Hortons is a part of your daily routine then you may have noticed something different. Prices have increased on several items. Apparently the increase happened yesterday at all locations. So how much more will you exactly be paying...
Big Day for Coffee (and Contest) Lovers in Buffalo!
A sight we're all familiar with in Buffalo is about to make it's annual comeback today -- the city's streets littered with empty Tim Horton's cups with the rims rolled up.
The littering isn't for good reason, but the participation in the Roll Up The Rim certainly is...
Officer, I Swear It's Just Coffee!!!
Ke$ha's song "Tik Tok" has the line "...before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack...."  As a whiskey fan, that line tickles me.
As a fan of teeth, it's probably not a good idea.
I also don't condone having whiskey for breakfast...
A Keurig -- For Beer??? Yes, Please!
This is one of those articles I saw the headline for, and was immediately willing to search "where to buy".
If you're like me, you use your Keurig every day for your daily coffee, tea, or hot chocolate fix.  It's useful for dissolving bouillon in a snap and making Cup…

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