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Black Friday Pranks [VIDEO]
For the past few years, Greg Benson has posted these prank videos, where he goes to a store with a list of ridiculous items that don't even exist and tries to get employees to help find them anyway. (He doesn't actually shoot the video on Black Friday...that would just be cruel.)
Some Post-Christmas Sales Are Even Better Than Black Friday!
I've admitted it before -- I'm not a fan of shopping.  I just don't have the shopping gene.  But these sales may get me to flip the script in the coming days!

Old Navy -- Up to 75% off in stores, and up to 50% off online!  Ends 12/31/12
Forever 21 -- 30% off til 1/2/13
Amazon -- Up to 70% off clothing …
Simple Tips Make Store Returns Easier
Quick question for ya this Boxing Day morning: was what you were given for Christmas turn out to be what you wanted for Christmas? Did your spouse/kids/pets feel the same way? Are the sizes and colors just right? If so, please feel free to skip this article. Otherwise, keep reading. Maybe we can mak…
Need Last-Minute Gifts? Join The Club!
I hate to be the one to break this to you, but it's December 24th!!!!! Of course, there are the 24/7 stores . But if fighting crowds is not in your skill set, how 'bout getting your Uncle Pat membership in a " of the Month" Club? And since we're trying to help, we≈…
Do You Do This? Laura & Rob Are Guilty
Are you done Christmas shopping yet? I'm finally finished. You're probably thinking, 'finally?' it's so early but, I also went out a million times already because every SINGLE TIME that I go out to get presents for everyone else I seem to do this...
Holiday Savings For The Procrastinator (Like Me)
As per my usual, I didn't shop on Black Friday.  I stayed with my family and watched the Star Wars saga on cable.
Then comes Cyber Monday...which I flaked on as well, simply because when I see all these amazing "deals" brightly displayed on my computer screen, I get far too overwhelmed, end…

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