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Holiday Goodies to Stock Up On for Next Year
As the holidays draw to a close, it's time to replenish your supplies and store them up for next year. Make future-you happy and stock up on wrapping and other Christmas must-haves so you can start next holiday season holly, jolly and well-organized.
What Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie ?
When I think of Christmas movies the first one that comes to mind is "It's A Wonderful Life", when I asked my kids it was "Elf", my neighbor said "A Christmas Story". This has us wondering what is Western New York's favorite Christmas m…
Here’s How Your Child Can Send A Letter To Santa
'Tis the Season...yes kids there IS a Santa Claus, how many parents have reminded their little ones of this, and that HE is watching.
The Postal Service™ is doing its part to help you prove the jolly old elf's existence when Santa replies to your child’s letter to Sant…