What's Next For EPIC in Buffalo? [VIDEO]
EPIC stands for 'Every Person Influences Children' and is a Buffalo-based non-profit, year-round family engagement program. EPIC assists schools and helps parents in taking a more active role in their children's education and success.
Eerie Similarities In Shooter, Thoughts On Gun Control
Watching the updates on yesterday's (12/14/12) tragedy unfold, I can't help but see some physical similarities between the Newtown, CT shooter and the Aurora, CO shooter (I don't even want to breathe the names of these selfish madmen).
This isn't a breakthrough in the case by any means, but the physi…
186 Pound, Nine Year Old’s New Transformation
Starting at 186 pounds before a brand new transformation, nine year-old Breanna Broad had a rough time at school. "Everybody at school would call me names," Breanna said. "They would call me fatty, they would call me fat head." Well, this is pretty …

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