The Cheektowaga Police Blotter is Hilarious Can Be Funny
Hats off to the Cheektowaga Police Department.
They're one of the busiest agencies in Western New York and receive 200 a day during the week alone--some can be interesting.
While they surely take care of people in need, I always wonder what they think when they get these bizzare calls for these:
These …
Here Are The School Districts That Could Merge in WNY
Erie County is pushing to save money by combining school districts in the future. Of course, there is a lot that goes into it and they can't force districts to merge, but Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz is definitely pushing it.

Alden and Akron will save $177,000
Depew and Cheektowaga w…
The Most Expensive Home in Cheektowaga Is Very Unique
This is an interesting one, if you're looking for a home in the Cheektowaga area. For whatever reason, I like scrolling through Zillow to see some of the houses that are listed in the area (and a couple of times I've even bought a couple (of course not the expensive ones))...

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