What Car Gets The MOST Speeding Tickets
When it comes to cars, there are a few known stereotypes. One of which is NEVER buy a red car, because if you do you will get more speeding tickets? Really? I wouldn't know since I have never owned a red car.
Movie Review: Cars 3
Cars 3 came out this weekend and I took the opportunity to dodge the Saturday morning heat and went with the Fam to catch the third installment of the franchise.  I think I was more excited than my kids were to see it.
These movies have been extremely spaced out.  C...
Propsed New York State Law May Screw up Drivers at Inspections
You may already get a ticket if you have this on your car, but now your car may not be able to go on the road at all.
We're talking tinted windows.
If you're pulled over because your windows are tinted too dark you may get a ticket. But if you have tints too dark on your car at the time of y…
Motorama is Coming to The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center
It's the biggest custom car and bike show in Western New York! Don't miss the 2016 Buffalo Motorama inside the spacious Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Something for the whole family to admire will be on display. You'll see a wide variety of cars and bikes ranging from original, mo…

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