What Eric Found on His Car
Nothing starts a work week better then waking up at 3:30 a.m. on a Monday morning and walking out to your car to find this on your windshield.
"A red SUV backed out of your driveway & scatch your car by the driver side back wheel & drove away. Didn't...
Guy Wins Car from Tim Hortons
Did you hear that the car being given away by Tim Hortons for Roll Up the Rim to Win has been won! A man right here in Buffalo was the grand prize winner. I am not exactly thrilled with this news! Listen above for the details.
What do you think? Com...
Car Thinks this is Charlie XCX
For those wondering I currently drive a 2016 Toyota 4Runner. One of the cool features of my HD radio is that it will display photos of the artist currently playing on any radio station. Yesterday I was driving around listening to my favorite radio station (Mix 96 DUH) and look what my display showed…
Erie Co. Break-In's
Just last week, we were talking about a recent string of car break-ins in my neighborhood in Tonawanda.
We then posed the question, what's the weirdest thing someone has stolen from your car? The answers were incredible.
It seems the break-ins are spreading throughout Erie County, prompting the Sherif…
What Did They Take?
From the category of "better late than never", here's a recap of a topic we did last week!
There was a recent string of car burglaries in my neighborhood...enough that several cops were present early in the morning, taking pictures of the multiple cars that were vandalized...
Good To Warm Car Up?
Not that we in WNY are strangers to cold weather, but we're just gettin' smacked by a cold front...which is why this caught our eye.
A story recently published by "The Washington Post" claims warming up your care before you drive actually does NOTHING beneficial for the ca…

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