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Fast Food Day: Yes Please!
Wednesday was National Fast Food Day and Val & Tony P celebrated in style.  We put together a buffet of some of the fastest in WNY and realized after it was not a good idea.
We had food from Wendy's, Burger King, and Mighty Taco.  ...
Tweet Battle
The other night my son and I enjoyed the 4 for $4 at the Wendy's on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo and I thought, this is a good deal. Then I saw this twitter battle between Burger King and Wendy's and figured, what's the beef all about? It appears that social media can be a brutal place,…
Strange Side Effect
The black-bunned Whopper has been available in other countries for years, and given the current buzz about it's side effects, some are wishing it stayed there.
As a special Halloween burger, the bun in "infused with A1 flavors", and has four different food colorings for the dar…
Oil Down The Drain?
When I worked at Picasso's Pizza in West Seneca, NY we changed the oil in the fryers often and properly disposed of the old oil. What just happened at a Burger King in Lake Florida is really screwed up.

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