Buffalo NY

UFO Sightings In And Around Western New York
Have you ever seen something in the sky that you couldn't explain...no after a party on New Year's Eve doesn't count...There have been multiple listings of UFOs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as they are now called over the years in our area.
5 Back Home Goals
If you know anything about me, Mark Richards, you know that I'm thrilled to be back in Western New York and once again living near Buffalo, New York. When living in Central New York I could only dream about what has happened to me over the past year. Here are my top five back home goals, accomp…
Family Fun Thursdays
I just can't wait to get my entire family moved to Western New York so we can enjoy some of the many fun things to do. Many things can be done for free of at a very low cost. For example: Now on Thursday’s, WNY Family Magazine will be hosting various family activities at Buffalo…

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