The 3 Other Names The Buffalo Bills Almost Were
Imagine the Buffalo Bills not being the Buffalo Bills.
First off, if you have ever thought why we are actually the Buffalo Bills, we have you covered. What actually is a Bill?
Well, in 1947 the then-Buffalo football team held a contest and wanted fan submissions to pick a nickname for their …
Buffalo Bills 2020 Schedule Released
As you'll see, this schedule is not easy by any means, but the Bills roster, coaching staff and front office is better than it's been in decades, and they're ready to take the NFL by storm.
1st Inductee Announced To Buffalo Fan "Wall Of Fame"
The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience is a new concept that is being launched in Buffalo by some of the major players in Buffalo. The idea is to eventually bring a "unique cultural experience for families, fans and tourists by developing museum space that promotes the cultural history of broadcastin…
Bills Fans Called 'Laughingstock' in Chicago
Welp, leave it to Bills fans.
You can think whatever you want about Buffalo and Bills fans, but you can never say they are not generous, kind and big-hearted. NBC Sports in Chicago made a mockery of Bills fans in a video saying "drink to make their team fun to watch" and showed clips of tai…
Your Heat Bill Prices Going Up in Western New York This Winter
Welp, bad's going to snow this week.
Bad news again....your heat bill is going up as well.
The rates for National Fuel are going up about $5.23 more per month per month this Winter. Now, that's not that bad considering that average National Fuel bills are extremely low right n…

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