beach wedding

Thrown From a Horse
We've seen brides insist on doves being flown during the ceremony and we've seen a dog or two walk down the aisle. Now you'll see a horse disrupt the wedding day of this bride in Myrtle Beach.
Wedding Flowers, Real Or Silk?
My daughter Erin  is getting married in less than a week. So now it’s crunch time. So many things to finalize. After much thought for many months. We decided to go with silk flowers for the wedding.
What To Wear at a Beach Wedding
Next month is my daughter's wedding and it's a beach wedding. A casual, non traditional affair. Yesterday I went into a mini panic because I realized I don't know what to wear. There will be no tuxedo's. As a matter of fact most of the men  will not be wearing a suit. I wanted to wear a topical weig…