Buffalo Will Host NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2017
It'll be the sixth time Buffalo will host the rounds of 64 and 32.
Buffalo, NY, will host the beginning of March Madness in 2017 at First Niagara Center. Patrick Kaler of Visit Buffalo Niagara said:
It's so much deeper than passing out brochures and having information tables at the hote…
2016 NCAA Tournament Preview: Win Your March Madness Bracket
The 2016 NCAA men’s basketball tournament field of 68 was announced Sunday evening. While college students around the country rejoiced and planned epic road trips to see their teams in action, you may have been gripped by anxiety: your 2016 NCAA Tournament bracket for your office pool is due …
READ: Kobe Bryant’s Announcement to Retire
We knew this was coming eventually, but the day has finally come. Kobe Bryant has announced that he is retiring upon the end of the NBA season.
Part of the statement from Kobe included,
You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream
And I’ll always love you for it...

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