Here’s Our List of Top Cyber Monday Finds
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Now You Can Tell Alexa To Forget Everything You Said Today
You may be interested in the newest command users can ask their Amazon Alexa to do.
"Alexa, forget everything I said today."
Developers apparently are looking for ways to assure users of their privacy.
Another command coming in the next couple weeks is "Alexa, delete what I j…
Yes, People are Really Asking Alexa To Do This [VIDEO]
This past Christmas the Amazon Echo in all it's variations were the hot items for under the tree. Ever since hilarious videos seem to come out on the daily of what you can ask "Alexa" (the virtual assistant) to do.
Now there is a new trend, people are really asking Alexa …
Man Rigs Alexa to Speak Out of Singing Fish
By now we have all seen those silly animatronic toys of a fish on a plaque singing once you push its button... If not see below lol.
But one man decided to take his singing fish and put it to better use! Using his Amazon Echo, also known as Alexa, he rigged the singing fish to configure with Alexa...