4th of july

Happy Independence Day
We hope that the 4th of July is happy and festive for you.

Remember to at some point during the day celebrate what it's all about, reflect on our armed forces and their families that are separated, and salute the United States of America!
Star Spangled Swifty
According to People, Taylor Swift decided to opt out of her annual star-studded July 4 bash this year.  There were no signs of a party over the weekend at her beach compound in Rhode Island. I mean what's the point of having a beach compound if you don't have a party...
July 4th Tips: Safe Grilling
4th of July is just around the corner (literally), and this year Val Townsend and I bring you some tips to take your holiday from good to great!  Today's tip is on grilling, and more specifically how to clean your grill.  This may just save your life...
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Ready for the best, most spectacular, memorable, family-friendly, outstandingly amazing Fourth of July experience available to mankind?!
That's a tall order, and we plan to deliver!  JOIN ME!

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