It is a sure sign of Spring and then Summer nights!  The Transit Drive-In movie theatre just opened.

As of now shows will only be on weekends, but once it gets warmer more days of viewing, yeah!

WGRZ spoke to owner  Rick Cohen and he "is predicting a busy summer because of major movies set to premiere including Avengers, Godzilla, Toy Story 4 and the Lion King."  Adding that the:

"Magic formula is kids being out of school, weekend night, nice weather and a big new movie, you hit all those at the same time and this place will be jammed,"

Cohen's family has owned the property since 1957.  That year the "Bridge on the River Kwai," and "Jailhouse Rock." were the big films.

Tickets for a double feature (two movies) will be $10 for adults and $6 for children, ages five 5-11.