On Tuesday we had the absolute pleasure of having 'Churchyard' and 'Arthur' of the Sterling Renaissance Festival join us in studio to talk about the event.  They were hilarious and bring a different brand of humor to these festivals.


The Sterling Renaissance Festival is a family friendly event...except the part where these guys come in.  Their show is for adults only and gives the opportunity for some hilarious laughs without the little ones.  Don't worry, the show takes place away from the main area (which is where the real fun always happens anyway).


The shows are aptly named too so there is no chance you accidentally stumble upon them with your kids.  Churchyard's show is called 'Filthy Irish Stories', and Arthur headlines 'The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes'.  After speaking with them I am dying to see both.

The Sterling Renaissance Festival takes place every weekend from now through August 13th.  For more information on the events at the festival CLICK HERE.