Smart phone users, say good-bye to early termination fees! But, wait---you may now have to pay full price for your phone. It appears that committing to sticking with your carrier could still get you that great phone for $100, 50 bucks, or even free, but now, you have an option on whether or not you want to be in a contract.

When you look at the big picture, the four top mobile carriers will now no longer offer those pesky two-year contracts, unless you want that great deal on that new smartphone, which is likely what consumers will continue to do anyway.
The Daily Dot tells us about what is being called 'Next Plans':

Next plans allow you to chip away at the price tag of your phone by making monthly payments over the course of two years. It's basically the same two-year timetable without the contract, so if you want to leave you just have to pay off the remaining balance for the device and you're off the hook.

My wife and I are considering a new carrier in March 2016 and this new way of making a deal will certainly be discussed. We want the freedom to consider different carriers and to take advantage of specials deals they continuously offer. How about you?

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