Tonight's the night!  The final episode of the 3 part mini series that is the Presidential Debate will take place.  What better way to end the series then to have the finale in Las Vegas!


Maybe it's just a coincidence but could this have been planned out any better??  I bet not (see what I did there).  Since the entire political process has played out like a reality show, then the only logical next step is Las Vegas.

Getty / Jeffrey Coolidge

The best part of having it in Sin City is that you can gamble on the outcome.  Just like the Superbowl, many of the city's casinos are taking bets on what will happen during the debates.  How American is that!  As a former Las Vegas resident, and not so lucky gambler, I love it.  How many times will Trump say 'it's rigged', and will Clinton 'roll her eyes'?  You can bet on almost anything that will happen tonight, and actually make some money off of this sorry situation our country finds itself in.


Look, at this point if you are undecided in the election there might actually be something wrong with you.  Each side has stated their case and they are both very different.  Tonight's debate will not sway you in any way, so watching it is really just for the entertainment.  Now you could play a drinking game, but that could get dangerous - especially when you consider how many times Trump says 'win'.  Why not make a few bucks instead.


My hope is that they go all out tonight and some showgirls escort Trump out, and some Chippendale's carry out Hillary.  Maybe the moderator is an Elvis impersonator and there are dancers in between each major topic.  Can Wayne Newton still sing?  Let's get him out there!


At the end of the day, we need to find some common ground in the country and gambling does just that.  Who hasn't made a friendly wager of some kind in their life.  Maybe this is just what we need to come back together as Americans.  I bet you'll love it!  (ok I'm done)

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