Unless you're a millionaire . . . or were on the show "Full House" . . . your kids will need good grades to get into the school of their choosing.  So is giving them a financial incentive the answer?

Surprisingly according to research more than half of us think it is ok. Women more likely than men to favor the incentive.

And one more interesting stat:  It also found people who make a lot of money are LESS likely to think paying for grades is a good idea.

My father was an educator, my Mom was a college graduate.  I don't believe I was ever financially rewarded, I was more moved by the fact that I may disappoint them if I underachieved.  My grades of course were better in grade school than high school, and in college I was just an average student.

I suppose their is a correlation to real life. when you consider the more you accomplish, usually the more you earn.