In case you missed it Tuesday night, Shaquille O'Neal's cell phone went off during a live segment of TNT's "Inside the NBA".

He then tossed it to a producer, who then dropped it. In the process, Shaq also accidentally unhooked his mic.  Someone had to run in twice to fix it.

Of course, Charles Barkley cracked jokes during the whole episode.

Strangely enough, this story reminded me of my maternal grandmother, strictly because of the timing of such awkward things.

My paternal great-grandmother passed away when I was about 8.  It was the first funeral I ever experienced, so it was pretty emotional and solemn for me.  As we walked away from the burial, my grandmother's digital watch's alarm went off (remember, this was the '80s, so a digital-faced watch WITH an alarm was pretty snazzy).

The kicker? The alarm song was a teeny little analog version of "Taps".

Your cell phone (or alarm of any kind) ever go off in an awkward place?  During a meeting?  Church?  FUNERAL???

<3 LD

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