They may not have the traditional graduation ceremony involving accepting their diploma with an on-stage handshake but Niagara Falls High School Seniors picked up their caps and gowns yesterday.

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Students and parents from Niagara Falls High School drove up to the school to pick up their cap and gowns as well as honor cords and yearbooks.

One student told WIVB-TV that her cap and gown is her reward for the hard work she’s done in high school.

And the teachers from Niagara Falls High School were there to greet the upcoming graduates when they arrived for the pick-up.

Some of our best memories of High School often times are the friendships made and activities like, football games, spirit rallies and the prom.

The George Lucas Educational Foundation/Edutopia provides some ideas how students can celebrate graduation this year including...

  •  Hanging banners with every senior’s class photo on lampposts that line the streets in town.
  • Create virtual yearbooks that students can sign, or make videos with teachers’ reflections about each student.

There are even more ideas here.


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