David Poulin, the creator of the 'Scary Lucy' statue, has decided to hang it up for good.  Just to make sure he never sculpts again he has taken the extra step of donating his $15,000 equipment to the Buffalo Maritime Center.


David has been sculpting for 27 years, and has created over 120 public works but finally said enough is enough.  The backlash from the 'Scary Lucy' statue pushed him to the brink of retirement.  He admitted that the statue of Lucille Ball was not one of his best works.  Hey, at least he admits it!


I am not familiar with his other works but I'm guessing that can't be that bad.  I don't care what you do, if you make it 27 years doing it than you had to do a lot right.  I'm sure he made at least most of those 120 public works pretty awesome.  Unfortunately in life it is what have you done for me lately.


That's what surprises me about this.  How do you go out like that??  Pride and ego should be enough to do 1 more project that kicks ass and then call it a day.  Leaving on this note has got to be tough to do.  I would think he would want that shot at redemption to quiet his critics and then ride off into the sunset.


We did discuss this on the show today.  Here is a clip of the conversation between Val and I:

Relax, I'm not going anywhere...well I guess at least not until they throw me out!