We all know that Santa Claus visits all the good boys and girls on the planet Earth. But what if he also took on gift-delivery duties for the rest of the Solar System? Or, at least, what if the planet Mars was added to his route?

Well, thanks to the NASA Mars Reconnissance Orbiter, we can get an idea of what the Jolly Old Elf would be seeing as he flew over to drop off his presents:

[JPLnews, via YouTube]

Santa adding Mars to his Christmas route has actually been speculated on at the movies, specifically the 1964 release Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, a film that has made more than a few lists of The Worst Movies Ever Made. I wouldn't inflict the whole thing on you [after all, it is Christmas], but here are the opening credits, featuring the movie's "hit" single, "Hooray For Santy Claus":

{MillCreekEnt, via YouTube]

By the way, did you finish your Christmas shopping [or, like me, have you not started yet? ]?

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