Driving throughout the streets of Buffalo, NY, can be quite an ordeal. I'm not saying all the drivers are bad by any means, but it might not be a bad idea if some of those with a drivers license considered taking a traffic class again. Seriously how many times this morning or this afternoon will you see someone ahead of you say, "REALLY?  What an [CENSORED]!"

Maybe you're new to Western New York or just driving, here are some rules to go over.

*Note: this article is in jest. This should not be used as an actual guide for road safety or the other drivers.

When Approaching a Yield..

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Just pretend this sign doesn't exist.  In fact, if you're like most drivers out there, do the opposite, make the rest of the people yield to YOU!  Blow right through that sign!

In poor weather conditions...

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Just TWO options in this one, NO in between!

Option A: Pretend it's your first time in a motor vehicle.  Be super super cautious, slow and afraid the Driver Ed teacher (or dad) is yelling at you....but really just be slow...like 20 mph below the speed limit slow.

Option B: Everything in option A except in opposite. Drive like it's your LAST time in a motor vehicle. Tear it up baby!  Life is short, pedal to the metal, drive like a maniac!

When making a left turn..

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Get in that intersection!  And.....wait.....even when it turns red, hold up the traffic!

Right on red isn't a privilege it's a race!

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It doesn't really mean STOP right? Get moving....go go go!  MAYBE slow down a little then zoom zoom!

Do Your Makeup..

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...because, why not?  Sure you're operating a machine that can cause mass destruction and death but imagine how you'd look at the office with unfinished make-up.

While we're at it, may as well add.....selfies in cars!


"Look at meeeee!" (Photo: Getty Images)

...Feel like we missed anything!  Leave us more "driving tips!"