UBER! It seems like every week we hear about Ubera nd how Buffalo still doesn't have it. The ride sharing bill that would allow Uber (and Lyft which previously operated in WNY) to service all of New York state was passed by senators , sending it off to the New York Assembly, according to WIVB. However, the bill is not expected to bpass the Assembly in this session.

Within ONE MONTH of Uber being available, the average city saw a DROP in fatal car crashes by 62 percent. Fatal crashing involving drunk drivers?  Went down an impressive 75 percent., according to a study took data from 150 cities, comparing fatal crashes before and after Uber arrived. Research confirms what responsible drivers have suspected: it shows people are choosing to take Uber instead of driving drunk, driving while sleepy or any other reason they don't feel like driving (airport runs, etc.).

According to the Buffalo News:

These opponents say it would threaten the taxicab industry, costing at least 1,330 jobs in the Buffalo area alone, especially among support personnel such as dispatchers and mechanics. Opponents also say it would limit transportation options for the disabled. And they claim Uber would rely unfairly on independent-contractor drivers not subject to workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits and payroll withholdings.

Keep in mind that New York City is allowed to have Uber but not the rest of the state.

There's also, the insurance issue:

The Senate bill includes required minimums of $50,000 for death and bodily injury per person and $100,000 per incident whenever the driver has his app on and is available to transport customers, and $1 million whenever a customer is in the car. The Assembly bill sets higher minimums: $100,000/$300,000 when the app is on and $1.5 million if a customer is in the vehicle.