New York isn't number one on this list, but we are in the top 5. A recent list came out focusing on the "Snobbiest States" in the Country.

Massachusetts topped the list at Number One, while New York checked in at number four of the “Snobbiest State” in the country. This is all according to a report by the career website Zippia.

The main factors used to determine how snobby each state is compared to another were education and the amount of wine consumed by the state each year. Yes, the amount of wine was a true factor:

We ranked each state in four areas

- Percent of population with a bachelor’s degree
- Percent of degree earners with a degree in arts and humanities
- Number of Ivy League colleges
- Gallons of wine consumed yearly

Their words not ours, wine is a "smug beverage." Here in Upstate, we don't see too many "pinky outs" for wine though. Even though they poked fun at wine, we are home of the Finger Lakes, education was a main driver of New York's “snob rating.” Here's the results they found for New York:

Adults With College Diploma: 35.9
Degree holders w/ Arts or Humanities Degree: 27%
Wine Bottles Per Person:16.8

The Zippia report listed the percentage of New York adults with a college diploma at 35.9%.  Those with a degree in Arts or Humanities at 27%.  When it comes to wine, the report states that per person 16.8 bottles of wine are consumed in the state per year. Clearly the website only touched on a lot of New York City activities including broadway, many art galleries, and premier institutions.

The Zippia “Top 10 Snobbiest States” list included the following:

#1 Massachusetts
#2 Vermont
#3 Connecticut
#4 New York
#5 New Hampshire
#6 Rhode Island
#7 California
#8 Oregon
#9 Maine
#10 Virginia

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