On the last day of school, most students are looking forward to a long, fun summer vacation. Yesterday, a few eighth graders from a middle school in nearby Greece, N.Y., thought that since it was the end of the school year, they would have a little "fun" with their bus monitor. 

Unfortunately, what ensued was (at least) 10 minutes of mocking, humiliating name-calling and just plain old bullying, as you'll see in the video below because, not only were the students heartless enough to commit such a cruel act, but they also decided it would be a good idea to videotape it and post it to their Facebook pages.

The victim, Karen Huff Klein, has been working for the school district as either a bus driver or bus monitor for the last 23 years, according to Rochester's Democrat and Chronicle.

Police and the school district are investigating the incident, but the mass community of the internet has also taken it upon itself to both speak out against bullying as it spreads this video and show its support for Klein. A fundraising page set up to take in donations to help send Klein on vacation has already raised more than $15,000 -- well over the $5,000 goal.

I'm from the Rochester area, so I first heard about this story on my way into the studio today. It's been blowing up my Facebook page all day! Here's what some of my friends/Rochester-area residents are saying.


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