Earlier today we were talking about the couple who recently got engaged at Letchworth State Park.  A photographer just happened to be nearby, and she snapped pics of the event...though she wasn't able to track them down.  Read below how Facebook helped find them!

On the heels of this, we were both pretty surprised by two separate surveys...one regarding proposals, and one regarding the ring.

First, a new survey said only 13% of marriage proposals go according to plan.  THIRTEEN PERCENT?!!?  We couldn't believe it!  The most common things that "went wrong" was the location was too crowded, the guy screwed up what he wanted to say, or the location was closed.

(Does this indirectly say guys aren't the best "planners" in the world?)


Second, another survey says 75% -- a FULL THREE QUARTERS -- of women want to pick out their own engagement ring.  Eric and I both kind of agreed that while the input is good (to help those non-planners), if you've picked out the right woman, you should be able to pick out the right ring for her...right?

1/3 of those women said it was because they knew their man would totally screw it up. (???)

25% said they might say NO if a proposal wasn't good enough.

Are we both just totally off in saying this type of thinking is kind of....flawed, when it comes to a proposal?  Shouldn't this be a teamwork thing, versus a dictatorship?  Are we just two old sappy, unrealistic people who still (gasp) believe in sweet sweet romance and the delicious element of surprise and gratitude???