I try my best not to stand on a soap box about how I feel about very poignant issues.  To each his own, no? One of the many beauties of this country.

But tonight, being glued to the TV like most of America, I can't help but feel such pride and honor in our vigilance and, more so, this country's ability to band together in times like this.

The conclusion of this week-long nightmare came swiftly, and relatively peacefully.  This is due in no uncertain terms to the incredible efforts of the FBI, local law enforcement, military, and all others in the pursuit.

But the citizens of Boston and the surrounding areas deserve just as much commendation, as their vigilance and compliance with directives certainly aided in the capture of this cowardly child.

There are still SO many questions unanswered...but whether any resolve comes from the "why" or not, we need to keep the victims in our hearts, and the respect and admiration for those who consistently put themselves in danger for our well-being at the front of our thoughts.  I have military in my family that I thank in prayer every day.

As a lifelong Yankees fan, admittedly, I've never really cheered for Boston.  Love the city, not a fan of the fans. ;)   But tonight, my heart swells with pride and admiration for the undying American human spirit, regardless of sports, politics, religion, race, or creed.

We are one.  United we stand.

My thanks, love, and relentless respect for those who keep us safe every day.  Hooah!