Federal, State, County and City Law enforcement officers in Niagara Falls are grateful that protests in the city stayed civil on Sunday night.

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Although for a second night a curfew was instituted in Erie County, one was not in place in nearby Niagara Falls.

The group of protesters moved peacefully through the city, eventually making their way to the police station.

In solidarity with the group, Mayor Robert Restaino, the Niagara Falls Police Chief Tom Licata, and the Acting Niagara County Sheriff Michael Filicetti knelt alongside protesters.

“I told them when we got to the scene that they were an actual model for the nation,” Police Superintendent Tom Licata said. “The protesters in Niagara Falls showed some class. They didn’t break anything. They didn’t vandalize anything. They didn’t get crazy. They made their point well known, and we respected that.”

Just one person was taken into custody during the protest, but officials say it was because some people were worried he was being reckless by riding a mini-bike up and down the street and according to authorities did not have proper registration for the bike.


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