A "Pay for Pain" scandal in which U.S. football players got rewarded for injuring opponents could have legal consequences. Four National Football League teams, including the Buffalo Bills, yesterday were linked to a "pay for pain" scandal that came to light in a Friday announcement that New Orleans Saints defensive players were paid for "big hits" that took opponents out of play.

Reports of other bounty programs at the Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans emerged in The Washington Post, the Buffalo News and The New York Times this past weekend.

Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, was said by the NFL to have orchestrated the scheme, and Williams was reportedly on the coaching staff at each of the four teams.

Experts say criminal charges of assault and battery against the teams, including Williams, are possible.

Bills CEO Russ Brandon denied knowledge of any such payment system while Williams was head coach, telling the Buffalo News,

"We would not have tolerated that type of behavior."

(From Yahoo News)

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