What a terrible assignment I had today....to broadcast the show from the Sheridan location of Paula's Donuts. ;)  It was, of course, a special occasion: Election Day.  But not just the presidential election (which, by the way, with Mix Picks the Prez, by a very slim margin, you picked Hillary)....but Paula was holding her own type of election.  Voting for your favorite Paula's Donuts!

The really cool thing was seeing how many young kids came out (especially at that location, since KenTon was closed, as it is a polling place) and got to kind of experience an election.  Sure, the vote was for a donut, but they got to start seeing what democracy looks like (or at least, should look like!).

2-year-old Roman was filling out his ballot early...

Laura Daniels

We did a modified version of "Laura's #1 Track Throwback Silent Disco" because Eric was stuck back in the studio.  Wait til you see who shows up near the end, by the way....while I had a HUGE plate of donuts and cookies in front of me!

I'll let you know the results of that election as soon as I have the information...for now, a few more pics from today's fun.  Thanks to Chris Kreiger from WNY Heroes for stopping by (with Bubba in tow)...as well as Mix96 listener Lisa Henderson for bringing me a very special "unicorn duck" which I shall love forever! :)