What's better than having a pampering night with a few of your good friends and/or family?

Delilah explains that putting together your version of a night that pampers you is well worth it for all of the memories that will be made.

A couple weeks back I had an amazing night with all seven of my daughters, three granddaughters, half a dozen girlfriends and the birth mom of one of my adopted daughters. We all came together for a spa night! We did facials and manicures, pedicures and generally made a huge mess in my family room. The young girls had a sleep over and the next morning they worked together to make a big breakfast.

It was a night of never-ending laughter, fun and rejuvenation for the spirit. I highly recommend you try it. Put together your version of a night that pampers you, whatever that may be - game night, movie night, spa night, a chocolate tasting... Invite friends or family, or both, a small or large crowd, and ask all participants to contribute. The effort you put into it shouldn't be much, but the memory made will be priceless. Just a thought.

Have a great week!


What kind of things do YOU do to create new memories with family, friends, and more? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post