Sure, we may have a winter weather advisory today, but time marches on, and it's officially BASEBALL SEASON!

The MLB season kicked off yesterday, and TODAY is the home-opener for the New York Yankees.

The Buffalo Bison's home opener is set for Thursday, April 11 at 2:05 p.m. against the Rochester Red Wings.  Also cool fact about that game? It is the 28th anniversary of the first game ever played at Coca-Cola field in 1988!

We're getting super psyched to try all the new foods that will be offered for the 2016 season, too!  They all sound awesome, but check out what the Cleveland Indians are offering!

Yep, it's a hotdog with bacon, mac-and-cheese and Fruit Loops.

Honestly, initially, it sounds revolting. But then when you take a second and think about it...salty, smokey, gooey and sweet, all on a steamed bun?

Yeah, it doesn't actually sound that bad.

Would you try it?