If you're doing most of your shopping online, watch out for these four online scams:

  1. Gift cards and coupon deals -- Emails that offer a free gift card or ridiculous discounts. The scam is that you give them your personal info that they use to hack into your accounts.
  2. E-Cards and video greetings -- Scammers send these that download malware on your computer the minute you click on them. Also, watch out for any DMs that come via Twitter...those accounts get hacked with malware allllll the time.
  3. Secret shopper jobs -- You could be offered these at a store, and even get real checks in the mail. They say you cash the checks, go shopping, then wire the rest back to the company. These are rough, because your your bank will tell you the check has cleared, but later they'll take it back when they find out it was forged. Meanwhile, you already wired money from your own account.
  4. Incredible discounts from unfamiliar stores -- You buy something, give your credit card info, and they use it to buy stuff on the REAL site where you should've gone in the first place.

Unfortunately, there are always new scams popping up. Please be sure those who may be a bit more susceptible to these are aware...unfortunately they usually prey on the elderly.

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