The U.S. Post Service announced today they will no longer deliver first-class mail on Saturdays.  

The move should save the US Postal Service $2 billion a year.  Unfortunately, this won't come close to the gap of almost $16 billion they lost in 2012.

Question.  How does anyone, government included, have such a terrible business model that it looses that much money?  Who is running USPS?  It's just astonishing to me.

So they don't deliver on Saturday  no big deal.  In fact, I'm for an every other day delivery to begin with.  Ninety nine percent of my bills are paid online.  I rarely mail anything, with the exception of Christmas cards and those were few and far between this year.  The demand just isn't there.

It's sad in a way to see what's happening to the US Postal Service, but just like everything else, things chance.  My question is why it took this long and sooo much money lost to finally do something about it?