Nik Wallenda wowed the world Friday night.  Then, on Saturday, he returned to Niagara Falls to help crews clean up, and Sunday, he took time to shake hands with hundreds of people.

Wallenda left us all in awe Friday night as he walked a high wire over Niagara Falls in front of a live crowd of thousands and a television audience that topped 12 million.  The Falls' beauty was only outdone by Wallenda's amazing tightrope act, his ability to answer commentator's questions while doing the stunt and his religious expression throughout the evening.  He wasn't quite done though. On Saturday, Wallenda returned the scene of his daredevil feat to help clean up, saying he likes to leave things the way he found them. Wallenda also picked up the keys to the city.

Then, on Sunday, he took time to shake a few hundred hands and sign autographs at Fashion Outlets.