Assemblyman Sean Ryan  and State Senator Mark Grisanti just want to get rid of the Peace Bridge Authority.

They realize the importance of the exchange between the United States and Buffalo, but it's not always easy getting across the border, and the hassle scares visitors away from coming over to Buffalo.

"We know the trade back and forth in between the US and Canada is important, but it's diminished when you have trucks that are sitting on this bridge, on our side," says Grisanti. "You have gridlock over here at the inspections, because the plaza needs to be approved."

If this were to happen, it would be great for Buffalo, especially because of the developing Canalside here in Western New York.

"Without the Peace Bridge Authority, United States officials would run their side of the border, and Canadians would run the other side of the bridge," according to WKBW.

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