As I mentioned MANY times, I don't make "New Year's Resolutions"...I make "New Year's INTENTIONS". Resolutions are practically made to be broken. But when you set out with intentions, I feel like it just flows better.

With that in mind, I came across some fun traditions, superstitions and other things that go along with ringing in the new year. And yes, I'll be placing a quarter on my windowsill TONIGHT!

From Yahoo:

To increase cash flow:
From food to clothes, many "money superstitions" can be just that. Superstitions. There are a lot of people who believe in eating something green on New Year's Eve or Day, but for more of a chance at doubling your income, add some quarters into your boiling pot of greens. Your menu should include black eyed peas, (coins), collard greens and cabbage, (dollar bills).

Before going out to celebrate, write a check to yourself and in the pay to write, "Paid In Full," and put a quarter on your exterior window sill. Be sure to bring the quarter in sometime the next day. This represents money coming into your house throughout the year.

When you select your partying attire for the night, be sure to wear something with polka dots on the fabric, put a dime in each shoe and wear yellow underwear (see below). Also, be sure to have money in your purse, wallet or pocket at the stroke of midnight. You're bound to have money on you throughout the year.

There are LOTS more I had never heard of but am probably going to do! :)