It is opening day for the Hoelscher's Sunflower Field, which has six acres of sunflowers and sweet corn in the middle, with paths made -- waiting for you to walk through and enjoy. 

Start your weekend on the sunny side with the newly opened Hoelscher's Sunflower Field, located 4463 North Boston Road, Eden, NY.


(Photo Credit: Sherry Ann)

Hoelscher's Sunflower Field is a great place to check out this weekend in the 716, whether with a family, a friend, or your significant other. Pictures and photo sessions are welcome, and Hoelscher's Sunflower Field will have picture frames available that anyone can take up into the field and use, but you will be kindly asked to bring the frames back to the designated table when done. 

This sunflower field in Eden is a great place for families to come and spend time together as they walk through the gorgeous sunflowers. You can even take part of the sunflower field home with you! Sunflowers are only one dollar per stem, and Hoelscher's will even provide scissors for you to select a sunflower for yourself.


(Photo Credit: Sherry Ann)

Donations are appreciated but are not expected, and Hoelscher's Sunflower Field is always open to suggestions for next year and how they can improve the experience. They will have a book near the entrance that you can sign and let Hoelscher's know how sunny your experience was.

If you can’t make it out to Eden today, Hoelscher's Sunflower Field is open seven days a week from 9am-8pm, but if it is rainy, the sunflower field will have to close for the day.

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