As of this very moment, I believe Oreos have come out with approximately 432 different flavors.

Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration.

Lays potato chips got in on the weirdo-flavor-experiments too, with their "Do Us A Flavor" contest.  Click here to see what flavor won in 2015.

Not to be outdone, Pop Tarts have announced five new flavors are on the way.  They are, in no particular order:

  • Frosted Chocolatey Caramel (December)
  • Pink Lemonade (April)
  • Limited Edition Frosted Maple Bacon (December)
  • Limited Edition Frosted Watermelon (December)
  • Limited Edition Spring Strawberry (Early 2016)

But Laura! What about a pumpkin-spice-type Pop Tart!!! Can't I get one of those???

You sure can. Here. (This will also show you all the other limited-edition flavors currently available.)

Pop-Tarts via Kellogg's
Pop-Tarts via Kellogg's


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