If you are a parent, getting your kids and teenagers away from their phones is quite the feat!  What can really be annoying is when they don't respond and you know they could. Ugh!

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So, to the rescue a brand new app that locks teens' phones until they reply to parents' text first.  Don't you love it? They will hate it, ha!  It's called ReplyASAP

Nick Herbert, a parent in the United Kingdom, developed the app after months of frustration getting his son to respond.  Herbert’s app offers parents some serious messaging control.

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According to the online magazine "Simple most" "Here’s how it works: When you send a message to someone using ReplyASAP, it sounds an alarm on their phone even if the phone is on silent. The message appears over whatever else they’re doing on the phone, and the alarm continues until the message is acknowledged. This allows parents to confirm that their child has seen the message, and prompts teens to reply to stop the noise and get back to whatever else they wanted to do on their phone."

So, getting this, sure my teenagers will love it, right?  LOL