One of the coolest things that Nerf has come out with are it's Nerf guns that shoot Styrofoam and rubber darts.  My son is 9 and owns 7 different guns, and when you combine that number with what his friends have you could arm a small country!


Admittedly the Nerf guns are awesome.  We have a rapid fire gun that shoots 5 darts per second, and it is a blast (no pun intended).  As cool as these guns are, they still require some safety measures.  In order to play with them at my house I make my kids wear safety glasses.  The darts fly fast and could take an eye out.

nerf bullets

Nerf has a new type of gun that shoots balls instead of darts and is more for older children. My son received one of these for his birthday, and when I shot it I realized right away it was too intense for him.


The 'Rival' series is like paintball without the paint.  Most parents don't realize that these guns are not for the kids, even though they look similar.  The newest gun can fire 100 rounds at 70 mph.  Think about that.  It's awesome and scary at the same time.  If you get hit with one of these balls you feel it.

Nerf Rival

 As cool as this might be, make sure your younger kids do not play with this.  It looks like everything else but packs a teenager punch.  They have plenty of time to grow into these, let them enjoy the darts a little longer.


Speaking of darts, where do they all go??  I feel like we lose 10 darts a day.  The more I buy the less we have!