After being called 'Fatty Daddy' for the hundredth time by my son Dylan, I realized he's singing his favorite tune because it's true. I'm carrying an extra 30 pounds around my waist that must go. I have a plan. 1) Sign up for NutraMost (details coming). 2) Stop eating so much before bedtime!

Is it accurate that eating before bed is a bad idea. That depends on what you’re consuming. If you must have a snack at bedtime and you're on a weight loss mission like myself, snack on these...

Have a couple of slices of white meat turkey.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving dinner. Not only is it a good diet food because a few slices are only about 100 calories, but you just may fall asleep soon afterwards because of the tryptophan.

String Cheese is not as fatty as regular cheese.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

One serving of string cheese contains much less calories than most other cheeses, so it's the perfect bed time snack for cheese lovers.

Why not some apple slices with peanut butter?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Apples are loaded fiber, and the protein in the peanut butter will fill you up without a bloated feeling in your stomach.


This along with starting the NutraMost program should do the trick.

So it is actually okay to have a little snack at bedtime; but remember, you are what you eat.

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