My son turns 10 this month and he is a huge Star Wars fan.  That basically means I get to take my love of Star Wars out on him.  Yeah he basically wins at life for that.  His bedroom is decked out in everything Star Wars, and in celebration of today's holiday, I decided to highlight of few of the more unique and cool items he has.


1. 'Darth Vader and Son' book - This is a must have if you have a kid who is into Star Wars.  This book is absolutely hilarious and takes you through the struggles of Darth Vader raising his son Luke.  Every parent can relate and you will like this more than your kid will, guaranteed.


2. Boba Fett mini speaker - How cool is this thing.  It's a mini Boba Fett speaker, do I really need to give any more reasons??  If your child has an iPod they will love this.

Boba Fett mini speaker

3. Personalized Star Wars picture - They take your name and mix it in with a whole bunch of other Star Wars words. Its unique and unless you have a friend with the same name it is a one of a kind!

Gianni Star Wars picture

4. Storm Trooper head bank - There is just something about the head of a storm trooper that is neat, especially one that you can deposit money into! Picked this up in Disney but I am sure it is sold other places and online.

Storm Trooper bank

5. Star Wars wall decals - We have these on all of the walls in his room, and although they are kind of a pain to put up, once they are up they look great!

star wars

6. Yoda Quote picture - This is the truest statement ever spoken, and it was by a 3 foot green muppet with big ears. Words to live by, and will give your kids motivation to do better.

IMG_3018 (1)


I hope you enjoyed the list and maybe have made some notes on additions to your collection. Everyday they come up with cool Star Wars stuff so as long as my son still wants his room this way, I will keep adding to it.  Almost all of this can be found online.  Be careful, it is easy to fall down a Star Wars hole on the internet!